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Ethereally Beautiful Definition Essay

An Extended Definition of Beauty Essay

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The subjective element of beauty involves judgment, not opinion. Many people feel beauty is only something seen by the eyes. St. Thomas Aquinas views beauty in both the supernatural and natural orders. Aquinas lists the attributes of beauty to be found in nature. These are; unity, proportion, and clarity. We will see how these attributes of beauty are seen through the eye and felt by the heart. To begin, the concept of unity follows the Aristotelian proposition that nothing can be added to or taken away from a perfect work of art. Next, proportion, or the harmony of the parts to the whole and to each other is, based the mathematical and geometric relationships discovered by the Ancient Greeks. Finally, clarity refers to the logical…show more content…

No beauty she doth miss
When all her robes are on:
But Beauty's self she is
When all her robes are gone.

Hungerford’s famous quote typically means that each person sees beauty in a different fashion. Therefore, yes it’s true that a person’s appearance can be described as beautiful, but that is only part of the definition of beauty. Next, as Helen Keller explained, “beauty is not always seen, but it is also felt in the heart.” Beauty felt by the heart can also be found anywhere. This attribute of beauty can define a person’s heart and personality; not described as an inspiring view, or it can explain a person’s actions. In fact, a person can be beautiful just front the way they act towards others or the way they go about their daily lives. For instance, a simple smile from an individual helping a homeless person can be defined as beautiful. Additionally, someone sitting in a coffee shop lost in thought while reading a book or a child playing in the park. Beauty can also be found in a baby sleeping peacefully or even an elderly couple walking and holding hands. During these unintentional moments, the viewer is allowed to see past what society wants people to think is beautiful and is truly able to catch a glimpse of what Keller describes as beauty being felt by the heart. In the 14th century the word beauty was known as “physical attractiveness,” also “goodness courtesy,” from Angelo French beute. Beauty was once known as how someone looks to

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At night the gases release a glowing ethereal light, usually a green colour because of the oxygen. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Rather it draws the eye inwards to rush it up to ethereal realms. Times, Sunday Times (2007)From a hankering for human interaction to contact of a more ethereal nature. Times, Sunday Times (2006)There is something slightly ethereal about him. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Despite its ethereal beauty it is also a hostile and unforgiving place. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Her ethereal vocals on the chorus make it sound like a future single. The Sun (2013)They cast a mysterious, ethereal and beautiful light. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Food got smaller, lighter and obsessively ethereal. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Yet she possesses an ethereal quality, too. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Some of the photographs possess a macabre, ethereal quality. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Those who knew him from an early ageunderstood that here was a young man with an almost ethereal belief in his own ability. Times, Sunday Times (2008)But the real indication that his priorities are different from the throng around us is not the lack of festiveshoppingbags but a certain ethereal quality. Times, Sunday Times (2014)The biggest was something ethereal: what is Middlesbrough? Times, Sunday Times (2006)It has a spookily ethereal quality, as if it's hiding something. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Their song is a continuousoutpouring of sweet and harsher notes that, coming down from above, takes on an ethereal beauty. Times, Sunday Times (2014)The result is a wilderness of ethereal beauty, teeming with wildlife that regards human beings as curious oddities, and a haunting loneliness that is almost tangible. Times, Sunday Times (2007)

delicate, light, fine, subtle

insubstantial, light, fairy, aerial

spiritual, heavenly, unearthly, sublime

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