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Essay On Academic Achievements

Essay about Educational Achievement and Development

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Educational achievement is one of the most important factors of a students’ academic journey. Education as a form of secondary socialisation teaches students, the basic norms and values of society and assists in developing their individual identity. In many cases there are contributing issues that not only hinder, but can dramatically affect a child’s educational achievement and development; but also impacts negatively on their childhood experience. These contributing factors consist of a person’s class, their gender and/or their race and ethnicity; which no child has the ability to change at such a young and impressionable age. The issue of race, ethnicity and gender are essentially a part of a person’s genetic design, which is…show more content…

Burr (1995) maintains that the perspective of social constructivism is closely related with many contemporary theories and theorists, for example Vygotsky, Bruner and Bandura. In contrast essentialism is the ideology that people have an underlying and unchanging persona, both biologically and physiologically (Haralambos and Holborn. 2004). For example, Haralambos and Holborn (2004) imply that all women are the same in nature, as are all men; therefore persons of the same gender are biologically and socially connected regardless of any differences in their social circumstances.

The issues surrounding race and ethnicity, in society today, are just as complex as they were over a hundred years ago. A person’s race can be defined by the colour of their skin, whereas a person’s ethnicity is defined by the social group in which they live, these affiliations can include religious beliefs, culture and their heritage. Walton and Caliendo (2011) confirm that the concept of race has to be considered in both cultural and political terms. Society has created a divide between individuals within the human race, to determine political and social power. The concept of race and the awareness that it could be used to distinguish groups from each other has lead to the creation of racism in society (Walton and Caliendo. 2011). Thus identity constructions have been labelled and/or stereotyped which is now a “norm” of society and educational institutions.

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Please help me rearrange the words and describe more from these several topics, since i am stucked and dont know what to write again :(, Thanks a lot for those who can help or give your thoughts about it, any suggestion will be very appreciated

1. Please briefly outline your academic achievements whilst at university (for example: position in your class, any prizes that you have won). Please also use this box if you would like to provide further information about your undergraduate degree (for example: if you graduated with a British Degree whilst studying at a University in another country, or you completed your degree part-time). (250 words maximum)

"Practice makes perfect" has been my stimulation towards education. It was started in the beginning of college when I realized that all our lives, we usually become good at something when we do the thing that we like. It can be called passion, but for me it is the diligent and the patient on practicing these things over and over again that makes you better at it than the rest of the people. I have been gaining great results from my education, and I realized that everyone can, once they have the thirst on committing it and the motivation.

Education has always been an important aspect of my life. I was on the dean's list for 5 semesters and was a book award recipient for having excellent academic performance. I obtained my degree as a first class majoring in BSc (Honours) Information Technology in Security at University. I completed certificate for additional courses such as Microsoft for SQL Server Database Design and Administration during my study. My final year project grade was excellent; I attained A as the result, and was invited to present the project for my university open day.

2. On what other merits should be you be considered for a Scholarship (please include examples of your non-academic achievements to date, these could be from your working life, extra-curricular achievements such as success in sport or music, work in the community or achievements gained from managing events or societies.) (250 words maximum)

I have always been active in organisation, it started when I was in high school, I was appointed as a vice leader for charity department in student society, and as a leader of treasury department for the following year. During these years, I participated on all the events that my school created, it ranged from sports competition, music festival and competition, Flag Hoisting Troop competition, charity for flood victim in Jakarta and etc. Moreover, during my years in university, I also participated in Student Community organizing leadership gathering camp, sports competition, and more. I enjoyed going to several leadership talk, one of it was being organized by Student Community about the sustainability of thinking paradigm towards national perception development. The 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad was the main speaker at that moment.

I have been working as software engineer for 16 months. During my spare time, I become a freelancer (software engineer cum consultant) and I enjoy reading books about the current development of it and have studied several programming languages. My work exposure not only helped me to sharpen my technical skill, but helped me learn important work ethics and skills. This exposure prepared me for the next level to pursue a master degree in a foreign university which would be an important milestone for me.

3. Successful applicants will be asked to act as Ambassadors to the University of Birmingham when they graduate. How would you undertake this role and what qualities do you offer which would make you excel as an Ambassador to the University? (250 words maximum)

I would be honoured to be the Ambassador of the University of Birmingham, I would say that the Ambassador must be able to balance their academics with the demands of the program, in which I am firmly believe that I would be able to manage this because I like to participate in the organisation and does not feel forced to do so. People regard me as a sociable and approachable person, which may come in handy in promoting University of Birmingham. On top of my personality and skills, my organizational experiences may be proven useful.

Nevertheless, traveling and learning different cultures of the world are my hobbies. I believe my strong point is the courage to face challenges in a variety of situations and make a major contribution to the university. My target in life has always been becoming a person who can adapt, help and motivate other people side by side and become an inspiration for others. In the end, that is what we humans do, become assistance of others. Thus, I believe I am the right person to represent and promote the University.

4. What are your plans after you graduate from your postgraduate degree programme and how will your course of study at the University of Birmingham contribute to your professional and personal development? (250 words maximum)

My main criteria in university selection are reputation, a great study environment, an excellent teaching staff to ease obtaining my dream career. My undergraduate study has provided me with a solid knowledge base in Information Technology, but what I am lacking now is systematic and in-depth training in mathematical finance and the understanding of the most advanced mathematics and finance theories and practice of the world. University of Birmingham meets all of my expectations and tops the list with its rigorous mathematics program which can give me an opportunity to expand upon my financial and mathematical study.

My plan is to work as a quantitative financial developer or financial analyst in a developed country for about 2 - 3 years. Throughout these years, I will keep on learning the financial industries and will take the certifications for it. My aim is to be certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Then, I will go back to my hometown to apply all the experiences that I gained, perhaps become a consultant in my country, Indonesia is a developing country with a huge potential in financial industry and I believe from this study I will have a strong foundation upon building the financial structures for my country.

I am an optimistic person who believes one should never stop learning and challenging himself. After all, challenge is what keeps us moving forward.

I think these answers are pretty solid.

For #2, just make sure that you've covered all of the "merits" you've achieved ("non-academic achievements to date, these could be from your working life, extra-curricular achievements such as success in sport or music, work in the community or achievements gained from managing events or societies")

For #3, you did a good job of answering the part of the question about what qualities you have. However, the prompt also asks, "How would you undertake this role?" so be sure to answer that too.

I don't have any problems with #4; the answer flows nicely and answers the question completely in my opinion.

Good luck!

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