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What It Means To Be An Effective Teacher Essay


There are several dimensions taken together in varying levels of degreethat embody the effective teacher. Since teachers range from preschoolthrough post secondary levels, and are unique people, no two teachers willhave the same combination nor will all of them be present in every excellentteacher. There are also qualities that effective teachers have that maynot be included here. I invite others to add to the list.

Perhaps the most important quality of an effective teacher is that shebe a learner . Paulo Freire refers to this role as "teacher-student"because the teacher presents the material to the students for theirconsideration, and reconsiders her earlier considerations as the studentsexpress their own. The effective teacher, then, is one who extendsa cordial invitation to her "student-teachers" to enter into a dialogicrelationship with her and the subject matter.

The effective teacher must be a leader who can inspire and influencestudents through expert and referent power but never coercivepower. This teacher knows his subject well and is kind and respectful towardhis students. He also has high standards and expectations coexisting withencouragement, support, and flexibility. This teacher empowers studentsand gets them to do things of which they did not think they were capable.This teacher has students who surpass him.

The effective teacher is a provocateur who probes, prods, asksincessant why questions, poses problems, throws curves, plays "devil'sadvocate", and stimulates frustration and conflict all in an attempt to"bust bubbles and plant seeds" so that tidy and stereotypical explanationsare unmasked and discarded.

The effective teacher exemplifies what Maxine Green calls teacheras stranger . By keeping students at a healthy emotional distance,this teacher can, through continuous reflection, employ greater objectivityin her ability to balance the needs of individuals with the needs of theclass as a whole. This allows the teacher to not only determine what thoseneeds are but also how they can be accommodated to by innovative approaches.
The effective teacher models enthusiasm not only for his subjectbut also for teaching and learning in general. By showing exuberance, apositive attitude, excitement, and passion, the effective teacher makesit clear to his students that he would prefer to be nowhere else. Effectiveteachers value their craft and project this value to all in their presence.

The effective teacher is an innovator who changes strategies,techniques, texts, and materials when better ones are found and/or whenexisting ones no longer provide a substantive learning experience for herstudents. This teacher also employs a combination of lecture-discussion,simulation, service learning, cooperative learning, visual media, role-playing,guest speakers, and debates, and whatever is age and grade appropriatein order to accommodate diverse learning styles and to present the subjectfrom different angles to facilitate insights and connections. This teachervalues and uses students' ideas about how to enhance their own learning.

The effective teacher is a comedian/entertainer who uses humorin the service of learning rather than as a distraction from it.

The effective teacher is a coach or guide who helps studentsto improve on their skills and insights. By neither letting them floundernor prematurely offering assistance, the effective teacher enables studentsto own their own successes and to learn from their mistakes. By returningthe students' work promptly with constructive comments, and by being availablefor assistance, the effective teacher helps students to develop responsibilityfor their own learning, or to become what is known as self-reliant.

The effective teacher is a genuine human being or humanistwho is able to laugh at herself and the absurdity in the world withoutbeing cynical and hopeless. She is a person who can self-disclose so thather students will see both her virtues and imperfections. By being a down-to-earthperson, the effective teacher helps her students develop the will, courageand hope to fulfill their own potential as human beings.

The effective teacher is a sentinel who provides an environmentof intellectual safety in which opposing ideas can be aired without fearof censure or retribution. This teacher can express his opinions and beliefswhile taking care to distinguish fact from opinion. His students feel freeto express their views with equal ease even if those views are at oddswith those of the teacher.

The effective teacher is an optimist or idealist who firmlybelieves that without an ideal or mission, there will be no approximationof it. This teacher sees herself in each of her students and feels thather legacy is what she contributes to their development. This teacher achievesa sense of immortality by the positive influence she has on the lives ofher students.

The effective teacher is one with others . He is a collaboratorwho places a high value on collegiality. He shares ideas and materialswith others, solicits input and involvement by parents, and seeks helpfrom his fellow teachers when he encounters a problem. The classroom wallsin this teacher's room are thin.

This teacher is effective because she aspires to all these qualitiesand more. She values truth more than certainty and the rightness of a causemore than personal popularity. As this teacher attempts to change the world,she transforms herself and others in the process. Thus, the effective teacheris a revolutionary because she knows that, with the exception ofparenthood, her role is the most vital one on earth in the preservationof the sanctity of life and its natural outcome - the elevation of humanity.


Being An Effective Teacher

Teaching profession is classified as one of the most magnificent professions in the world. Teaching is not only a well paying profession but also a lifetime success. However, although any person can become a teacher, not each person can be an effective teacher. Holding a degree in teaching profession does not mean you will be an effective teacher. Being an effective teacher is not just assisting students to study the information they require in order to advance to the next level or achieve good grades, but it involves changing the life of someone. Teaching involves touching the life of each student in the class. Therefore, an effective teacher nurtures the talents and the skills in the students and helping them accomplish their goals.

Elements of an Effective Teacher

An effective teacher encourages students to study more and perform better as well as utilizes the instructional time well. Furthermore, an effective teacher ensures all the students have the sense of belonging and feel at ease in the class by providing a good environment for learning. This helps to make the learning process easy for the students.

An effective teacher should be able to deal with every emerging situation that comes into the way of the students. Teachers face various challenges such as dealing with different attitudes of the students and therefore it requires an effective teacher to be more flexible to handle such situations. Thus, an effective teacher should be a value-oriented role model to the students.

In most cases, effective teachers have been found to posses some unique characteristics: creative, positive and enthusiastic. There are various ways these characteristics can be expressed, but this simply implies that, effective teachers prefer to spend most of the school time in classrooms with students assisting them to study and succeed in life.

Another outstanding element of an effective teacher is being orderly in the classroom. An effective teacher should be able to plan and organize the lessons in an effective way such that the students may not be stained in their brains. A good organization as well helps the students to learn from the teacher and apply the same in their daily life.

Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

One of the most key characters of an effective teacher is honesty. An effective teacher should always be honesty to themselves as well as to the profession. An effective teacher thus should work effectively under no supervision. An effective teacher is always loyal in everything that he says or does.

To become an effective teacher requires having the desire, passion and driving in teaching. An effective teacher should have the desire to nurture the lives of students for the better, the drive for achievement and the passion for teaching. These characters enable an effective teacher to enjoy doing the job as well as doing it effectively.

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