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Top Ten Hen Weekends Abroad Assignment

Hen Parties in Europe

When it comes to deciding how far to go with a hen party the sky really is the limit. Budget airlines and price wars have made Europe really accessible for hen weekends abroad. We should know, at GoHen we’ve been providing the best hen party packages for over 14 years with more than 450,000 clients. We’ve built up some great European partnerships during that time with unrivalled local knowledge. We can even steer you in the direction of the best value flight operators to your chosen destination.

This is a special once in a lifetime occasion for the nearly-wed and a European hen party gives you a chance to see new sights and visit new party cities so you can let your hair down on an international scale.

A Little Local Knowledge...

It’s always a worry booking any trip away and hoping that everything will be as promised. We appreciate that this is a big weekend for your party and don’t leave anything to chance. That’s why we personally visit all our destinations to check that our providers meet our high standards to ensure you have a fantastic hassle free weekend. Having worked in Europe for so long we have built up unrivalled partnerships with the best hotels and activity providers.

Organising a group trip can be hard work at times (people drop in, people drop out, people fall out…) that’s why we’ll give you a dedicated Event Manager who will work with you to not only help you plan your weekend but make sure every detail is taken care of. That means you can have someone else doing all the legwork and worrying for you, allowing you to relax and have a great time with the rest of the girls knowing everything is being taken care of.

Sun, Sea and Sangria...

There’s so much to be said for the best UK cities but if you need a healthy fix of vitamin D then with your pre-wedding party then we’ve a big selection of hen weekends abroad. For example you could visit the sun-soaked city of Barcelona for a quick weekend of sun, sand, sea, sangria and some serious shopping. Alternatively a relaxing weekend on the beaches of the Algarve is hard to beat. You can live it large in “Marbs” or head to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza for world-class partying in between chillaxing on the beach. Spain offers a wide variety of choices and with a little know-how you can track down great flight deals to fantastic destinations (ask our ream for advice, we’re happy to help).

Not every hen party wants to focus purely on beach life so if you want add a little culture to your hen weekend abroad you could consider visiting the historic cities of Rome or Paris where you can't turn a corner without seeing some beautiful sights (and yes, that includes the eye candy! Sigh).
Or how about heading a little further afield, Dubrovnik provides the best of both worlds with an incredible setting on the edge of the Adriatic, culture, the beach and fantastic party venues.

Planning A Hen Do Abroad - Getting It Right From The Start

If you’re planning a hen weekend abroad you will need to make sure all the girls are clued up in advance so you have no last minute panics. Firstly ask everyone to double check their passports. While that might sound obvious sadly some hens do overlook this detail which can lead to having to leave people behind. Secondly make sure you are prepared for your flights. Security guidelines are constantly changing so here at GoHen we make sure we stay in touch with all the latest developments.

  • Electronic devices – Elecitrical devices will need to be charged as they must be seen to be working. This includes mobile phones. If you can’t turn it on you won’t be permitted to take it on the plane.
  • Liquids – No more than 100ml containers are allowed of any liquid and which must measure 20cm x 20cm maximum. They should also be kept in a re-sealable plastic bag and just 1 bag per person (medicines are exempt, beer is not considered a medicine).
  • Cigarette lighters – Lighters are allowed to be carried onboard but must also be kept in a re-sealable bag are not allowed in hand luggage and must be kept on you at all times.
  • Razors – Razor blades can be carried in hand luggage.
  • Duty free
    -EU Countries You can bring in an unlimited amount of duty free goods into the UK from EU countries as long as it is for personal use.
    -Non EU Countries Strict limits apply for goods coming in from outside the EU; 200 cigarettes, 4 litres of still wine, 1 litre of spirits, 16 litres of beer, up to £390 worth of all other goods.
  • Luggage allowance – Check with your airline for size and weight restrictions on luggage.

For more travel information on visas, travel insurance, and tips visit our Hen travelpage.

You can read more from on Government Airport Restrictions here.

Visas, Insurance & The EHIC

If any of your guests have a non British passport it’s worth checking, you don’t want to have to tearfully wave goodbye to anyone at the luggage carousel.
For visa requirements IATA is a great place to start.

If you’re heading for a European hen weekend travel insurance is a good idea, then back that up with a freeEuropean Health Insurance Card (note – the EHIC is not a substitute for insurance).

Flights & Airport Transfers

Getting the flights right makes a big difference. The advantage is you can just leave the group to book their own, with the budget airlines and with the most popular European destinations you can often fly from different parts of the UK - so it works well if you have a group that’s spread out all over the country or even in different countries, and it’s one less thing for you to do. As usual the earlier the girls book the cheaper the airfares. You can find flight details on all of our international destination pages. We take care of everything else at the other end from the moment you land, so we’ll coordinate airport transfers, making sure they’re smooth, easy and efficient.

Currency, Info & Etiquette

When heading on a hen weekend abroad it pays to know about exchange rates and be clued up on a little local knowledge - you’ll get some great specific info on our hen party planning tips pages, in the meantime check out live currency exchange rates on XE.

Get Protection

You at the back… Stop giggling. We’re not talking about that kind of protection. However we would urge you to make sure you are financially protected. If you’re heading on a hen weekend abroad you need to be sure that should there be any issues, that all the hard-earned cash you have urged the girls to hand over doesn’t go astray.
We’d recommend you book with an ABTA bonded company (GoHen – ABTA No W7797). ABTA requires that company comply with strict financial practices to ensure travellers are fully protected financially meaning you’ll have peace of mind that all your money is in safe hands.

Let's Get This Party Started!

So now we just need to make things happen. Our team are happy to help and will work with you to help you create a tailor made package to suit the bride-to-be and all her guests and save you money.

You can put us to the test by giving us a brief outline of what you’d like for your weekend and we’ll send you a hassle free quote for the perfect, all singing, all dancing, memory filled, sun kissed hen weekend abroad.

Being maid of honour or best man is the ultimate wedding party honour. But with honour comes responsibility, including planning the hen and stag weekend. While hen and stag weekends are fun, they can also be a herculean task to organise – especially if you’re going abroad. To minimise stress and maximise festivity, here are our tips for planning a hen or stag weekend abroad.

Choosing a destination

Place and price can limit people

Your hen or stag should go wherever they want for their weekend. But they should know that the further they go, the fewer people will be able to join them. Even if you book early and get great deals, holidays can be expensive. If you plan a long-haul flight and a fancy hotel, you might price some people out of the trip.

If you go far…

A long-haul destination will up your costs but also up the excitement – what happens on another continent stays there. Choose a destination with direct flights or easy connections. New York offers Broadway, museums, shopping and superlative nightlife. For more glamour, visit Dubai and ride camels or 4x4s in the desert before partying the night away at a chic club.

…Or if you stay near

Staying closer to home can save on cost and make planning easier. Don’t be surprised if you’re not alone though; European cities are very popular for hen and stag dos. Budapest and Prague both have cheap beer, historic architecture and wild nights out. Experience tapas and flamenco in Madrid or Guinness and pub crawls in Dublin.

Inviting guests

Think about group dynamics

Your hen or stag should have final say over the guest list, as you don’t want to accidentally invite an ex-friend or forget their older brother. When compiling the list, think about how everyone will get along. Including a ‘buddy’ for each person – i.e. making sure everyone has someone else they know – will go a long way in making things smoother.

Be clear about the cost

Before guests say they’re in or out, they should have an idea of the trip’s full cost. Make sure your estimate includes flights, accommodation, airport transfers, local travel, meals, drinks and activities. If you are all collectively chipping in to pay for your hen or stag’s costs, include that amount in your estimate as well.

Give lots of notice

The earlier you let people know that the weekend will be abroad, the more likely they’ll be able to come. At least two months’ notice is ideal. That will let them clear their calendar, sort out any travel paperwork, book time off from work, and save a little extra money.

Booking flights

Book flights early

To get the best deals and stay within budget, book flights as early as possible. This lets you get everyone on the same flight, so you can stress less and enjoy the plane and airport amenities more.

Streamline the logistics

Make an information pack to email all the guests. Include important details such as visa requirements, hotel information, activity itinerary, local maps etc. Ask guests to reply to you with any relevant issues, such as dietary requirements

Get travel insurance

A hen or stag weekend is one trip for which travel insurance is necessary. With a large group of people, lots of drinking and a foreign country, there is a definite risk of problems like accidents or theft. Travel insurance is inexpensive and you can sometimes get group deals.

At the airport

Have a drink

Get the party started in the airport terminal. Don’t go overboard, but indulge in cocktails at All Bar One, pints at The Meriden Bar and champagne at Blanc et Noir. If you’re feeling adventurous, book in a cocktail-making master class at All Bar One.

Get pampered

Cloud Nails offers deals on quick manicures and pedicures, so you can be ready to rock sandals when you arrive at your destination. This isn’t just for the hens either; stags will find them relaxing too!

Stock up on essentials

Hen and stag dos have a reputation for getting a bit crazy, so you’ll probably have some hangovers or headaches to deal with. Stop by Boots in the terminal to stock up on enough aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol for everyone.

Take the express lane

Don’t waste precious holiday time in the security line. Book the express security lane for £3.75 in advance or £5 at the airport, and your whole party can speed through.

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