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On Assignment 2015

Kathleen (Kat) Jacobs, a renowned conflict journalist returns home to Johannesburg after her assignment is cut short by a near fatal incident in the Congo. Her mission, while incomplete, is still a success; she discovers an incredible scoop. When Kat pitches the story to her editor, he turns her down - a rather strange decision for a man always on the hunt for a great story. However, she is determined to forge ahead; a decision that pitches her squarely against major political forces. When she declines to back off and keeps pushing ahead after numerous "notices", Kat suddenly finds herself on the run, aided only by her two ex's; ex-husband and an ex-military consultant. What ensues is the most dangerous cat-and-mouse chase of Kat's life. Not only her career and reputation are on the line, but also her life and her family's as well. Written by Laszlo Bene

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