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Homeworks Tri-County Electric Jobs

About HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative  
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      At HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative, we constantly seek to bring energy, comfort, and communications solutions to our member-owners and customers, to enhance their quality of life. We develop and reward employees who help meet our goals, and we embody the cooperative principles as we work with our partners to fulfill our mission.

      In our culture, we like to try out new ideas and maintain a learning environment. We promote and maintain a safe workplace, encourage leadership and cross-training, and we’re a fun place to work.

      Some history: HomeWorks Tri-County Electric Cooperative has brought electric service to mid-Michigan since 1937. More recently, we have provided propane and high speed satellite internet services to our area. The mission of our 74 full-time and 4 part-time employees, along with our board of directors, is to provide our member-owners and customers with energy, comfort, and communications solutions that will enhance their quality of life. 

      Our reputation for reliability and outstanding customer service is based 80 years of employees committed to building a safe, reliable, customer-friendly utility. Our customer satisfaction scores reflect that, as we perform at the top of our industry in regular surveys. And as a part-owner of Wolverine Power Cooperative, we are one of Michigan’s #RenewableEnergyLeaders.

      Our main office and an operations center are located just west of Portland; we have a second office and operations center at Blanchard. We currently deliver reliable electricity to families and businesses in parts of 13 mid-Michigan counties. Our Tri-County Electric People Fund has returned over $2 million to families and organizations in need across our service area, with funds donated by members who round up their monthly electric bills. We also took part in Michigan’s Partners for Power program in 2015, sending linemen to a remote mountain village in Guatemala to help the village bring electricity to their homes.

We currently have no open positions. Thank you for your interest!

Grant Guidelines

View the Board Meeting schedule, below, for application deadlines.

Applications for Individuals  Print form, fill it in and sign it, mail or fax with required attachments to the People Fund.

Applications for Organizations   Print form, fill it in and sign it, mail or fax with required attachments to the People Fund.

Service Area Map (large file - 2 MB)

The mission of the Tri-County Electric People Fund is the accumulation and disbursement of funds for charitable purposes for the benefit of persons in the HomeWorks service area. This shall be accomplished by disbursement of funds to individuals and organizations for food, shelter, clothing, health, and other humane needs, or for programs or services that benefit a significant segment of a community. PLEASE NOTE: The People Fund is for charitable purposes; HomeWorks Tri-County Electric also offers Touchstone Energy Classroom Technology Grants for area schools. Applications for school grants can be found here.

  • No funds shall in any fashion be used to support any candidate for political office or any political purpose.
  • $10,000 maximum in grants to any one organization per year. $2,500 maximum in grants to any one family or individual per year.
  • An applicant may not re-apply within 6 months from a previous application.
  • An organization's financial statements, bylaws, and non-profit status must be submitted with its application. Individuals or families must submit copies of previous federal income tax forms.
  • The People Fund has right to fully audit the use of donations at any time.
  • An individual must live within the immediate HomeWorks service area to be qualified for a grant. The applicant does not need to be a HomeWorks member or customer, although members and customers will receive first consideration.


2018 Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines (all dates are subject to change.)

Board Meeting Date

Application Deadline

January 24

January 15

March 7

February 26

April 18

April 9

May 30

May 21

July 11

July 1

August 22

August 13

October 3

September 24

November 14

November 5

December 13

December 3

Application Forms

Be sure to read the grant guidelines, above, before submitting an application. Classroom Technology Grant applications are here.

Applications for Individuals   Print form, fill it in and sign it, mail or fax with required attachments to the People Fund.

Applications for Organizations    Print form, fill it in and sign it, mail or fax with required attachments to the People Fund.

Service Area Map (large file - 2 MB)

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