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Amazon Tier 3 Interview Case Study

Do you have a job interview coming up at an Amazon warehouse? These positions are known as warehouse assistants or fulfillment associates and are extremely critical in keeping Amazon a successful company. You’ll help keep their promise of fast and reliable service while also keeping up with a strong demand for products. It is critical that you practice common job interview questions before the big day. Also, do some research on how to get a job at Amazon. We’ve put together a list of warehouse specific job interview questions you’ll want to prepare for:

1) Do you have any physical limitations that might restrict you from doing the job?

Amazon warehouses are known for being massive and employees might be on their feet all day, rushing around from one aisle to the next. Employers are looking to see what, if any, considerations will need to be put into place if they do hire you. Answer this question honestly, as it doesn’t mean you necessarily won’t get hired if you can’t lift 50 pounds. They will just need to work you into a different section of the warehouse or a different position. A good employee is valuable and if you can show them you will be a hard-working and dedicated employee they will want you on their team. For example:

“I’m very much used to standing up for hours on end and don’t have a problem lifting anything up to 40 pounds. In fact, I recently read an article about how much walking Amazon warehouse workers do on a daily basis and I know I can keep up. I’ve been an avid runner for the past few years so I’m also not worried about my endurance.”

2) Tell me about a time you had a conflict at work and how you handled it.

If you’ve ever had a job before, then you’ve definitely had some type of work disagreement. Don’t lie to the employer about this, as they’ll definitely know you’re not being honest. Think of a minor situation where you either didn’t agree with someone or something didn’t go as planned, and you came up with a win-win solution. This will show the employer that you can handle conflict in a calm manner while still getting the job done. For example:

“It’s not hard to see when conflict is happening, especially within the team. I’ve found it best to nip it in the bud and try to resolve any issue as soon as possible. I’ve learned through experience that the longer you wait, the worse the issue will become. For example, in my last position a coworker started slacking off pretty significantly, which increased everyone’s work load tremendously. Instead of waiting for someone to do something, I asked him to go to lunch where I brought up the fact that he hadn’t been on his game. He seemed surprised anyone noticed and from that point on he got back to his normal self. I think he just needed someone to reach out. If I had let this conflict keep going he could have been let go or our work might not have gotten done.”

3) Safety is very important here. Tell us how you keep safety in mind at all times, even when you’re rushing to fill an order.

All employers should make safety a priority, but warehouses are especially aware that if things aren’t run smoothly the environment can get a little dangerous. The employer is looking for someone who can pay attention to detail, rush to get the job done, all while being very aware of their surroundings. For example:

“I’m glad to hear how seriously you take workplace safety. Being in the warehouse industry for the past few years, I completely recognize just how important it is to always be aware of what is happening around you. I know how committed Amazon is to speed so I imagine there’s a lot of rushing around. I think as long as you can stay organized, focused and have great time management skills, the work environment will be safe. From my experience, the majority of workplace accidents have been caused by human error and an employee who either slacks off or quits paying attention. To me this is unacceptable and I always have safety on the front of my mind at work.”

4) What do you think are the main qualities you will need to have to be successful at Amazon?

Amazon is a very fast growing company and they are probably looking for people who they can rely on and who they think can quickly move up in the ranks. Show the employer that you’ve done your research on the company and that you know what they desire in an ideal employee. For example:

“From what I know about Amazon, I would say that attention to detail, sense of urgency and teamwork skills are all extremely important, not just to the warehouse department but to Amazon in general. You’ve got to be someone who can map out your time to be the most effective employee, all while making sure no mistakes are getting made. I’ve worked hard on all of these qualities and am pretty proud of how I can rally a team together to get the job done. That’s something that really drew me to Amazon and has always had me interested in warehouse positions.”

Have you had a job interview at Amazon? Tell us what you were asked below!

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