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Essay On My Mother For Grade 3

Category: Parents & Kids Magazine July 2012 Issue

Parents Kids Family Mississippi Mom Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our "What I Love About My Mom" essay contest!

What I Love About My Mom

By Malachi Jackson, Age 7

About His Mom, Leah Jackson

I love my mom because she hleps me. My mom is the best of the best. I love my mom. She can do science. She knows how to do plants. I love my mom ervry day. She gives me food ervryting. She can read. She is the best. My mom works hard. She loves me like I love her. My mom is the best snowball fighter. I like my mom when she takes me to school. My mom give me birth. She is cool. She is a good dresser. I am so happy that my mom is at home whith me. My mom hleps me whith my homework. She like green cake.

What I Love About My Mom

By Reese Overstreet, Age 11

About Her Mom, Stacey Overstreet

There are a lot of things I love about my mom. First, she helps me be a better person. Next, she makes me become a better actor. Finally, she is my role model. She is a fantastic mom.

First, my mom helps me be a better person. For example, she always makes sure that I do not make any grades that are lower than a B. This helps me keep my grades up, and it helps me get into lots of academic programs such as, APAC. She also helps make sure I am speaking correctly at home and in public. The effect of her doing that is that I am always complimented on my grammar. She really does help me become a better person.

Secondly, my mom helps me to become a better actor. Well, I like to act and star in plays. My mom also was an actor. In fact she still is an actor. She always gives me extra monolouge and plays to read. She does a lot of acting games, and tests to teach me new performing tips. She never will let me stop after I start reading a monolouge, so that makes me a better actor. She is  really good teacher as well as mom. She really does help me become a better actor.

Lastly, my mom is my role model. She is my role model, because she is just like I want to be when I grow up. She is nice, she is smart, and she’s nice to everyone. Not to mention a fantastic actor. She is so succesful and never gloats about it. That truly is how I want to be. My mom is really my role model.

In conclusion, my mom teaches me how to be a better person. She helps me become a better actor, and she’s my role model. How much better can a mom get! I mean a mom is a girls best friend. My mom is certainly my best friend. Whether it’s a friend problem, boy problems, and even if you just want to talk. My mom is always there for me. They really make you feel special. So all I’m trying to say is my mom is a really fantastic mom.

Need to write a descriptive essay about my mother? You have come to the right place

A descriptive essay is a special type of essay that describes a person, place, emotion, object, place or situation. In this essay example, the focus shall be on my mother i.e. the kind of person she is, her attributes, personality and what makes her world go round.

My mother is perhaps my number one favorite person in the entire universe. There are plenty of reasons for this including her unconditional love for me and my siblings, her constant sacrifices in a bid to ensure our happiness, her inner strength that makes the world a better place to live, her immense wisdom buried deep within her soul just to mention a few.  She is simply a precious gift to me.

Mother has a kind and caring heart, very rare in the world we live in. She gave birth to four children but went ahead to shelter three other needy children who ended up being our siblings. She shared her heart, warmth and love amongst all of us without favoritism whatsoever. How she managed to do this is still a mystery to my siblings and I.

Cooking great food is among the list of things mum loves to do. Growing up, I was always excited about meal times because they were real treats. I owe my cooking prowess to my mother who was also relentless in teaching us to be great cooks. Her recipes were often original and well thought of. Up to date, I look for some of her delicacies in restaurants and other dining joints but I have been unsuccessful in locating some. Perhaps I should encourage her to author her own recipe book.

When it comes to physical appearance, my mother has striking features able to turn heads even in her advanced age. Her long brunette hair always left her friends red with envy during her youthful days. She has a slim physique not because she was born that way but because she chooses to be healthy. She is a great source of inspiration on this issue as she still exercises by taking on household chores all day long while watching what she and father put on their plates.

Whenever any of us fell ill at home, mother would move heavens and earth to ensure we received good treatment and care during the entire period. Her compassion for the sick is commendable; she would come up with home remedies for the sickness and spend time making sure we were comfortable all through.

Lastly, my mother loves lending a hand to the less fortunate whenever there is an opportunity to do so. She is a member and contributor in more than five charity bodies that help many people ranging from the sick, the poor, the gender biased communities, those oppressed by culture among others. She is often a volunteer at local charity events and you can tell she enjoys lending a hand always.

A few tips on writing a descriptive essay about my mother

The first thing to remember when writing a descriptive essay about my mother is to highlight special attributes that makes mother special and unique. One could start from the point of why mother holds a special place in his or her heart. Focus on the following key points;

  • What mother means to you
  • Her unique characteristics that make her stand out from a crowd
  • What makes mother inspire special feelings and thoughts in your mind
  • What mother enjoys doing to add value to her family and the world at large
  • How mother is skilled in taking care of others

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