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Nick Odhiambo Xyz Homework

Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo leaves Classic 105.

Nick Odhiambo who is a radio presenter and a voice-over-artist has left classic 105 where he worked for 10 and a half years. While at Classic 105, Nick Odhiambo hosted the drive show with the tag #LarryNickAndFriends show alongside Larry Asego. He held his last show end of April.

Larry Asego, shared a photo revealing his exit with a caption:

“Wishing my brother all the best as he takes the next set of challenges. Uko tu sawaaaa Take care of him when he gets there.”

During his years at the station, Nick  managed to work his way to the big bucks that even afforded him a swanky house in Kiserian and the lavish life he was never afraid to explore thanks to his Luopean tendencies.

During his time at Radio Africa, Nick Odhiambo clinched major voice over artist gigs for products like Bamba TV, XYZ’s show Keff Joinange among others. He has doubled up as an actor on Auntie Boss from time to time.

Rumous are that he is headed to another radio station where he got a better deal.

Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has quit Classic 105 and is set to join Radio Maisha.

Nick, who is also a voice-over-artist, had worked at classic 105 for 10 and a half years. Nick who has been hosting the drive show with the tag #LarryNickAndFriends alongside Larry Asego. His last show was last week Friday.

“10 years and 6 months is a really long time . Today is our last  arryNickandFriends [email protected]” Nick Odhiambo wrote on Social Media last week.

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At Radio Maisha, Nick will be getting into the shoes of Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, who left the Standard Group-owned Kiswahili radio station to join Hot 96, which is run by Royal Media Services.

This are clearly big shoes if Radio Maisha’s listeners’ reaction to Jalang’o’s exit is anything to go by.

Jalang’o, a comedian and events organizer, together with co-presenter Alex Mwakideo, had captured a huge following with his pithy and often outrageous approach to issues, often laced with humour and hilarious punchlines. At Hot 96, he is co-presenting with radio personality Jeff Koinange.

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Nick will have work quickly to build chemistry with Mwakideo, if he will be paired with him, and offer something that will appease Radio Maisha audience, which comprises mostly rural and the less sophisticated urban listeners.

Standard Group had initially approached Kazungu Matano aka Captain Otoyo Sibuor alias Awinja, who co-presents the morning show on Milele FM, to replace Jalang’o on the show but did not reach a deal.

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During his years at Classic 105, Nick managed to work his way to the big bucks. For instance, he clinched major voice over artist gigs for products like Bamba TV (as Prof Bamba) and XYZ’s show as Keff Joinange, a mimic of Jeff Koinange, among others. He hasacted on Auntie Boss as well.

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