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Double Space An Essay Wordpad Online

How do I copy and paste my Discussion Board posts from Word into Blackboard?

Please Note: Formatting does not always copy and paste properly from Microsoft Word to Blackboard. This is a known issue, and the only workarounds are to type the entire post as desired into Blackboard, which can be lost if your session times out, or to paste it into Notepad, then copy and paste back into the Discussion Board. This strips any extra coding that Word can add.The Liberty IT HelpDesk recommends attaching the saved Word Document to the post as well so that proper formatting can be shown in case the Discussion Board does not render it properly.

When creating Discussion Board posts in Blackboard students will occasionally receive errors, become logged out prior to submitting an assignment, or even get disconnected from the Internet (sometimes losing their work). A good alternative to simply typing the entire assignment into the Discussion Board post Message field is to type the assignment into Microsoft Word, return to Blackboard, and "copy and paste" the text into the Message field. Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word to Blackboard will not only save you time, but it will also prevent you from having to rewrite the post if any of the issues given above occur.

To begin, you will need Microsoft Word installed and opened on your computer. You may find Microsoft Word on your computer by clicking Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, and then Microsoft Word, or by using a shortcut icon if you have one.

Selecting your text:

Note: Before beginning this process you should save the document in Microsoft Word. Saving on a regular basis will keep you from losing the document.

Once you have finished formatting and typing your Discussion Board assignment in Microsoft Word, you will need to "Select" the text in the document before you may copy or paste it. Selecting text in Microsoft Word may be done several different ways:

  • Click and hold down your left mouse button on your mouse or trackpad at the beginning of the text you wish to select. While still holding down the left mouse button, drag your mouse or finger and select the text in the direction it is typed until you reach the end of the text. Let go of the left mouse button, and if done correctly, the text will now be highlighted in a light blue color.

  • Alternatively, you may click the Select button, within the Editing group in the Home tab, and then click Select All. This will select all of the text in the document.

  • Selecting all of the text may also be done by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (or the Command key on a Mac) then pressing the letter "A" while still holding the Ctrl key. This is useful and saves time if you have more than one page of text.


Copying the selected text:

With the text selected, you may now "Copy" your selection and make it available for pasting. Copying text from Microsoft Word may be done in several ways:

  • Right-click anywhere in the light blue selected text. A menu will display on the screen, giving you the option to left-clickCopy. Once you click Copy the menu will disappear and your text will be ready for pasting.

  • Alternatively, with the text still selected, you may click the Copy button, within the Clipboard group in the Home tab.

  • Copying selected text may also be done by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and typing the letter "C" while still holding down the Ctrl key.


Pasting into Blackboard


  • Due to recent upgrades to the Liberty Blackboard, the paste from Word tool is no longer available. Due to this change, now students may utilize the universal Ctrl (or Command for Mac) + V to paste the copied text into the discussion board.
  • Pasting text may also be done on a Windows computer by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then typing the letter "V" while still holding down the Ctrl key. On a Mac, hold down the Command key, then type the letter "V" while still holding down Command

  • With your text displaying in Blackboard, you have successfully copied and pasted!
    • If the corresponding keyboard shortcut does not correctly paste your content, it could be caused by security settings on the computer (this may occur more often on work or government managed computers). One way to work around this is to click on the "HTML" button near the bottom right of the expanded tool bar, then paste your content into the editor that appears, and then to apply the change.

Double-Spacing text

Once pasted, if you wish to double-space your text, follow these steps:

  1. Select all the text
  2. Click the CSS Button

  3. In the new window, look in the Text tab
  4. Select the Line Height box, and choose Value

  5. Type in 2, and select ems next to the value.
  6. Click Update.

  7. The text will now show as double-spaced.

Attaching and Pasting into Blackboard

Copying from Microsoft Word and then pasting into Blackboard doesnot alwaysmaintain the intended formatting. Once submitted, you may notice that your post erroneously displays special characters, or has spacing and paragraph alignment issues. This is due to the limitations of the Text Editor within Blackboard.

The IT HelpDesk recommends attaching an actual copy of the assignment IN ADDITION TO copying and pasting the text into the Message field. This ensures that your professor and fellow students will have a direct copy of your paper with proof that there was proper formatting prior to copying and pasting.

To attach a copy of your work, go to Step 3Attachmentsand click on the Browse My Computer button to locate and select your actual document. Be sure to press the Submit button in Step 4 once you have pasted and attached your work.

Notes and troubleshooting:

  • If the text did not paste into the Blackboard Discussion Board Message field or if the Paste options were "grayed-out" try copying the selected text in your Microsoft Word document again, and then see if you may paste into Blackboard.
  • If the options and appearance within Microsoft Word look different on your computer, you may have an older version of Microsoft Office, like 2007 or 2003. However, the core methods for copying and pasting shown above will remain the same and still work, even if the display may be slightly different.
  • Alternatively, copying and pasting from Notepad will prevent formatting errors you may see when using Word. See our article here for steps on using Notepad.
  • If you need help attaching an assignment or submitting a Discussion Board post in general, please watch this video in our Blackboard Best Practices article.
  • Please note, if the discussion board posting you typed was not saved in Microsoft Word or another Word processing application, the HelpDesk may not be able to recover the post. While Blackboard does offer the option of saving your post in the discussion board prior to submitting, we strongly recommend saving the text in a Word document, then utilizing the CTRL + C and CTRL + V keys to copy and paste the information into the Blackboard.
  • Of note, as of the current version of Blackboard, the only version of Java which will allow copying and pasting of text is version 8 update 121.



This article tells you what to do if you think you’ve set your paragraph line spacing for the whole document but individual paragraphs refuse to behave. This is valid for Word 2007 and Word 2010, with Word 2013 to follow soon.

My spaces between paragraphs are uneven – help!

This just happened to me, which is why I’ve written up this article.

I was working on a bibliography for a client.

I set the paragraph and line spacing as I normally do: highlight the whole document, go to the Home tab, Paragraph section, and click the down arrow on the Spacing button:

This gives you the Spacing menu:

from which you choose your line spacing and lines after paragraphs options (I will write up a main post about this soon).

But it didn’t work!

Individual paragraphs still had no automatic spaces between then, even if I removed the line feed and pressed Enter again.

How to solve the problem of inconsistent paragraph spacing

Here’s how I did it.

I highlighted all of the text.

I right-clicked on the highlighted text and chose Paragraph from the options:

I then stayed on the Indents and Spacing tab and set my After spacing to 12pt and my line spacing to 2 (just in case). I also untickedDon’t add space between paragraphs of the same style (it was filled in with blue rather than ticked so I clicked twice to get a tick and then no tick):

I pressed OK and the paragraphs all behaved beautifully.

I’m not entirely sure why this method works over the previous one, to be honest, but it worked for me and it was hard for me to find an easy, quick answer, so hopefully this will help a few people!


If you have enjoyed this post or found it useful, please share the link!

Please note, these hints work with versions of Microsoft Word currently in use – Word 2007 and Word 2010, for PC. Mac compatible versions of Word should have similar options. Always save a copy of your document before manipulating it. I bear no responsibility for any pickles you might get yourself into!

Find all the short cuts here …

Like this:




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